3rd Grade, Kindergarten, and Just hanging out!

Today is the BIG day! The first full day of 3rd day and Kindergarten! Here is a photo from yesterday (Anakin had a 1/2 day and Tristin only went for 1/2 HOUR.) Tristin was sooooooo excited this morning. We didn't even have to ask him to get dressed (like normal). He was ready! I can't wait for 3pm, so I can find out how he did today. Oh, and today he gets to eat a 'hot lunch', which he was excited about too. Hot dogs. So many fun new things to discover!

I really thought Paxtin would be sad today. He and Tristin are such good buddies, they tease and play with each other all day long. Paxtin has been in heaven all day! LOL! He's been "reading" books, watching cartoons...even made his own lunch of a bologna, cheese and ranch dressing sandwich, an apple and mini grapes. He told me he's eating the apple to be healthy. ;) Now...if I can just get a nap! I didn't sleep well at all last night. Paxtin has been having sleeping issues the past few days. We think that may be from all the changes going on. I was too tired to deal with trying to keep him in bed (he shares a room with Anakin and Tristin)...so, I let him sleep with us. Not a good idea, I know. BUT...he slept, David slept and I didn't. LOL! I got maybe 3 hours last night. So, I've got to come up with a reward system for Paxtin and get him back to sleeping in his bed!

Until later...I'll blog about their first full day tonight. :)

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