And the results are in....

(or I just got around to getting the pictures off of David's computer!!!)

Anakin got THIRD place in his age group! Not bad for our first year!!! We gave him a whole lecture about how he should just have fun and not expect a trophy and blah blah blah...and WE where shocked that he placed! LOL!!!


Tristin...well, he won TWO trophies! :) He got SECOND for Most Unique Design (thank you very much!) and 6th place for his age group. I think they did trophies for all the younger aged kids. Tristin was sooooo happy and kept saying, "I got TWO trophies" to everyone.

David...well, we didn't even take a picture of his placing. Poor honey...he got 6th place in his age group (was it an age group?). He got a medal...Anakin and I had to give David the "Just have fun...it's not about the trophy speech"! Oh...I'm cracking up!!!!!!!!!

I was proud of David...he's the one that carved them and put the wheels and weight on them. I just helped paint. ;) We are all looking forward to doing it next year...and maybe we'll even start a few weeks ahead of time!


Carrie said...

Congratulations to them all! Very fun.

Kellie said...

Woohoo! You all did fabulous! tell the boys their trophies look great but their wonderful big smiles are even better!!