Pinewood Derby

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Three things before I chat about the derby...

1. Check out www.designbydani.com today! She's got a rockin' green freebie!

2. Check out www.fishscraps.com. Carrie has an amazing kit called "Lucky Day". It has shamrocks and everything. I'm hoping to get some pics of the boys in their green tomorrow. :)

3. MARMY...yes, Kellie! I noticed you've got your blog going!!!! I'm so happy! I thought about starting a thread at 2peas about "Who do you wish had a blog?" I would have said 1. Jen Wilson and 2. YOU. LOL!!!!!! Yippeee...now I can stalk you and our awesome layouts! I'll get you added to my blog ASAP!

Okay, so on to the derby! This is the first year David, Anakin and Tristin will participate in our church's Pinewood Derby. Our church has "Royal Rangers" for young boys. It's kind of like a Christian Boy Scouts...the emphasis is more on teaching the boys Christ-like living plus all the fun stuff! This is Anakin's first year as a 'Ranger Kid' and David is also a "commander" now. Tristin is also in 'Rainbows'. Anyway, the derby is tomorrow and we're all excited! Here are the cars:

This is my creation! Tristin wanted Larry Boy (Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales. "I AM THAT HERO!" LOL! He plays with a 'real' LB car all the time. So, since we had an extra LB, we chopped him off and added him to the car. :) I even gave him a little makeover. I felt like the old man in Toy Story when he gives Woody a makeover. LOL!

This is Anakin's car. He painted the green...he did a great job. :) He also designed the car. He was very specific. You can't tell from the picture, but the front slanted part is blue..so is the back slant. It looks cool. He also picked out the stickers and put them on.

Lastly, here is David's car...I mean...truck. It looks a lot like his real truck minus the tail pipes. LOL!

So, I'll report back tomorrow night. We'll see how we do. It's all about just having fun, right?

Okay, it's almost 1 am. I swore I was going to get to bed before Midnight. It didn't happen. NIGHT!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

*Blush* I was so mesmerised by your BH layout at the top that i posted there first and then read the other entries since my last visit, lol. You are too sweet Keela! Hope you enjoy the blog layouts, cause the writing will be pretty dang sad lol!