I've had a rough day. To make me feel better...I'm adding Ace and Chris to my blog. :) I'm loving American Idol this time around.

I want Chris to win. He's got a fantastic voice, he's bald and he's handsome!

And no one can make me feel like a 13 year old...well, Ace can. I used to love Menudo...wishing they'd come and wisk me away... Well, I'm married now, happily married...and my hubby is a hottie (he's still thinking about going bald) but man oh man...Ace...EYE CANDY! And...he can sing! His brother is just as hot as he is. They should be modeling...LOL!

Somehow, I feel better! :)


Carrie said...

I don't know if I should admit this bit I have never seen American Idol. That being said, this guy could make me start! What a cutie!!!!

crazygirl said...

Keela, you're funny. I'm a stalker too. Dont'have a blog or I'd put you on my side bar. Silly girl.