We have 30 new pets!

For Anakin's birthday we got him a Sea Monkey kit. Truth be told...I wanted to have it. I can't remember if I had them as a kid, but I remember wanting them. For some reason I just figured it wouldn't work. I told myself that so I didn't get upset if it didn't. LOL! But, it did and it's so cool!!!

This is what they look like:

We have a lot that look like the 4 week one and a few really small ones. I don't know if they had babies already or if they just hatched later than the others. Who knows. They are actually "brine shrimp" that have been crystallized. You add water and they hatch. Ours took about 3 hours to hatch...and they just kept hatching! Anakin has been taking good care of them, giving them air every day. David has gotten into it too. I found the www.sea-monkey.com site and joked that we should get Anakin a little transporter so he can take a few for show and tell. Well, David came back and said...and let's get the light-up cover, "aqua leash", sea diamonds, etc. I guess you could look at it this way. It's cheap entertainment. It's also giving Anakin a little responsibility...without have to get a dog, which he wants so badly.

So, there you have it. Our little family secret. We love sea-monkeys!


Carrie said...

You know, I'm 36 years old and just now learned what a sea monkey actually is! I've always heard of them, but never seen them. Have fun with them!! I'm thinking they maybe don't have a very long life expectancy?

Anonymous said...

LOL! Arent they cute! :) How fun! And I am totally cracking up at the idea of "Aqua Leashes!"

BTW-- ROCKING LOs!! I love the one you did with holly's kit!! Just awesome! :)

~ Dani