Spring Break, Snotty Noses, A Digi Question & CLEANING!

Someone some where must be interceding for me. Anakin's Spring Break is this week and I tell you...it's been GOOD. I was a little afraid of how it was going to go. Tristin and Paxtin are so used to being without him during the day. Okay, without him bossing them around! Today, Anakin and Tristin actually played together almost the whole day! They pretended to be Batman and Robin and played in their big tent/tunnel thingy. What a breakthrough! Now if this would happen every single day!

I should have known this was coming. The past 5 nights...Paxtin has woken up multiple times crying. Normally if he wakes up, he goes right back to sleep if we give him his passy and make sure his blanky is next to him. These past nights...nope, didn't work. Then the snot started. YUCK! My normally happy baby is a grouch in the evenings and there's not much that is making him happy. I hope he gets better soon. We're going to Chicago for a quick trip (going to Shedd's and a few other places...we're not sure where yet).

Now to the Digi Question... Do any of you question your scrapping style? I'm not sure I even have one. I love to try everything, love graphic layouts, love collage (which I swore up and down I would NEVER like - LOL!). So, should I stick with one? All the great scrappers, the ones I admire seem to have a style. I'd hate to name names because there are so many of them! (Psst...Kellie, I know you'll probably see this. LOL! You are one of them. Love your style! So, what do you call yours?)

For those that know me WELL. Okay, most of you that will read this don't. I'm a slob. I am a pack rat (as is my hubby) and I'm a procrastinator. NOT a good mix. So, this week I decided it was time to go through the boys' toys yet again. This time, we are going to have a garage sale. We are selling ALL the boys' BIG Rescue Heroes. I did a quick count and they have over 30 of the figures...and they are complete...back packs, hats and all. We also have all 3 command centers and 5 big vehicles and several smaller ones. I admit, it was all my idea. In my mind, Anakin had to have them all. He loved them and I just figured with 2 other boys...they'd get played with a lot. Well, Anakin hasn't touched them in almost a year. Yep, that's right. Makes me sick. So, Anakin and I have been sorting toys and gathering all the heroes. We're about to go down and price them. Anakin is excited because we told him he can have some of the money from the sale. He has his heart set on a Nintendo DS. David does too! LOL!!!!!! So....now that I'm in the cleaning mood. I need to get through my paper scrapping and stamping supplies and get them either on eBay or David's work site (we can sell stuff on it).

So, I'm off to price, then get the boys in bed...oh and watch American Idol too!

Lastly, I did this today. I have been in a rut lately (hence my digi question)...and this didn't come quickly, but it did come! ;) The kit is by Amy Tanabe at www.acherryontop.com called "My Star". Okay, so it's not letting me add the picture. I'll try again later. ;)

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Kellie said...

LOL Keela! I was reading this thinking, yeah - so right, i don't really have a style, then I saw y0ur comment! And you know, I was also thinking "Keela's got a definite style, I always recognise her fab layouts in the gallery", lol. Clearly style is something we don't recognise in ourselves but see quite well in others! I don't know what I'd call my style but I know I seem to have an obsession with striped paper, tiltting my photos and having strips of paper running horizontally or vertically on my layouts.