My 3 boys...

"Spring Fever" ScrapArtist Creative Team Kit;
Shmootzy frame also from ScrapArtist & Susie's Hand font.

I got this shot right after church. They were so wedged into the chair...they couldn't move! LOL! Perfect. :) I can't get over how much Anakin and Tristin look a like here. I see it. David sees it.

Journaling says: "It's sunny, semi warm and the parks are calling! My 3 sweet boys all dressed up and ready to get dirty!"

The reason I wrote that is because we DID go to a park yesterday afternoon. I took tons of pictures...which will be next in their albums.

I've got to go rest...I've been on the computer all day adding stuff to the DF store. :) New items coming tomorrow...lots of new stuff and new designers! Before I go...I don't think Jenn reads my blog, but I have to say CONGRATULATIONS to her for getting Creating Keepsakes HOF (Hall of Fame). She totally deserves it! I've admired her since the day I saw her first LO and she will always be one of my favs! :)


Margie said...

Really cute layout!! Love the "spring" feel!! I like the name of your blog too!

Shawna said...

oh keela!!! not only is this page incredible! this picture is OFF DA HOOK :) great great great job of getting them all in on shot like that! I love it!

I love your little slide show too, makes me jealous! :) I may have to click the little alluring "get your own" button!