I have HIVES!!!!!!!!!!! First time (that I know of) ever. I itch, I hurt, I have a temp and I'm sick of it already. I just got done taking an antibiotic for an infection and wouldn't you know it...I'm allergic to it. :(

On a good note. This weekend I discovered something amazing. My newly 6 year old, still in kindergarten can READ. I knew he knew a few words...but, he is sitting down with a book and reading it. I wanted to remember this forever so...I did this:

Credits: Kim Christensen and Meredith Fenwick's new "His CD" available at www.scrapbook-bytes.com. FANTASTIC kits btw!


Amy Tanabe said...

Oh Keela! I'm sorry to hear about your hives! I seem to get them when I'm really stressed and with allergies too! Hang in there Chickie! And Congrats to Anakin!

Anonymous said...

aw keela!! I hope you are feeling better soon!! I am a terrible "read and run" blogger, but yours is a regular stop for me! :) Someday when I get time I will deff add your blog to my list... like I am that cool... ROTFL! You know I love ya girl! :) ((HUGS!!))

Oh, and did you check my blog? The word for Chris is HOT-TIE!! ;-)

~ Dani