Time for some online blogging therapy...(this is your warning)

It's been quite the night and morning.

Tristin and Paxtin decided to play "let's see how many times we can get up" last night. If it wasn't one it was the other. David helps out A LOT with them...plus he was already awake...right, Honey?!

This morning...David was going through some mail that we had left on the entertainment center and found that I had been summons to serve on a jury. Well, not really, I just have to call and see if I have to go and then go and then be chosen, but... let's just say, I'm completely nervous, feel sick to my stomach...ugh.

Then, I went downstairs to get some laundry and I scrapped my leg on something...and hit David's air tank (he scuba dives) and it fell over with the big HISSSSSING...scaring me to DEATH...ugh again!

THEN, I was walking down the hallway, and I stubbed my toes on our vacuum cleaner. (Yes, that's where we keep it. We don't have room anywhere else.) OUCH...and UGH AGAIN!

So, after I'm done with my blogging therapy that I know only a few people will read. Let me tell you...I'm going to pray. Pray for my day, my safety (yes, I must have 2 left feet), my hubby, my kids....and my sanity.

Have a great day!


Amanda said...

Awhh Keela!
I hope your day gets better. It's litterly started off with a "bang" now hasn't it? Hang in there. Just prayed for you. :)


Anonymous said...

you poor thing! it'll get better and if it is any consolation (i know it isn't!) ruby gets up every night AT LEAST 1 - 3 times...

talk about sleepless in seattle :)