Will I ever be cool in the digi blogging world?

I was already thinking about that when I read Kim Christensen's blog this morning. I think she's got way more followers than I do. She has nothing to worry about. But, me? I don't design, just create...so, I won't have customers stalking me. I've never seen (okay once maybe) anyone scraplift ME...which I consider a huge complement. I don't have stalkers. Note: For those that read this and think I'm strange. I mean that in a good way. Like I stalk Jen Wilson's site. I stalk my favorite designers and stores. :))

So, ultimately, I'm waiting to see my name on the sidebar of someone's "cool blog"...does that mean I'd be cool? Why do I feel like I'm in high school again?

Update on my hives...they are pretty much gone! Oh, but last night before bed, I itched my neck...and yep, I have them there too. They don't itch like the other ones, so I'm grateful.

I leave you with this. What is up with toddlers and their fascination with oulets, cords, remotes, phones (specially cell phones), kitchen cupboards, straws and garbage!? All of Paxtin's favorite things!

Just wait until you see some pictures of Paxtin..I'm sure I'll be scrapping them soon. He got into the garbage last night and found David's left over milk shake (with little chocolate chips!). I think he waited until David put it there and then went for it! I don't think he drank any, but he had it all over. UGH!


Lisa said...

LOL Keela - I think you're cool, stalkers or not :)

Carrie said...

Just thinking about the "coolness factor" of high school makes me want to go hide. Yuck, I would never go back.
You must be cool, you live in Central Illinois, right? And you digi-scrap. Those 2 factors alone equal cool. Hey - that must mean I'm cool, too!