Haven't felt like blogging...nothing too exciting happening. Well, we did have our toilet overflow yesterday. Just a little insight into my life...I have a fear of this. It wasn't ME that did it mind you...it was Tristin. He's starting to wipe himself, which means he goes through lots of TP. He flushed and I was in there...talking to him and didn't really hear the toilet. It was too late. I managed to turn the water off though. That's my only lifeline out of my fear. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I went to the basement to get some dirty towls, cause I didn't want to use clean ones. Why when I'm mopping up poopy water? (I hope someone is humored by this!) While in the basement, I realize the water is seeping through to the basement...right on my table that my Uncle Bill made me! It's marble on an old sewing machine (the kind you move with your foot) stand so it won't really get ruined, but the thought...ugh! I frantically called David and he came home. I probably could have handled it by myself, but I freaked. He ended up working from home because the roads were horrible. We got snow...and winds...drifting...so, it was a snow day for everyone! I did a layout about Anakin's first snow day...but, blogger won't let me post anything tonight and I'm too tired to keep trying.

AI...yeah! Kevin went home...finally. Poor guy. He doesn't have a bad voice...just not what I would think an AI would be. Hopefully, he'll get some gigs out of this. Goooooooooooooo Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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